Coffee in the morning…

Sundays are for sleeping in, drinking coffee and eating pastries. Well, everything but the sleeping in part. With two dogs, sleeping in is never an option, since neither one knows the difference between a Sunday or a Monday. But I wanted to take a moment and share some of my FAVORITE Portland coffee shops. I love to spend weekends exploring and caffienated.

So every Sunday I will feature one of the many awesome Coffee shops that inhabit Portland…


Today we walked the pups to Crema on SE 28th and SE Ankeny. They have awesome pastries with an in-house bakery. Their Chocolate Espresso bread is LIFE CHANGING! and at $2 a slice, it’s dangerous. I have spent both Saturday and Sunday morning this weekend enjoying coffee and conversations with Andrew after getting our bodies moving with a quick walk to Crema. We figure, if we are walking there, then its not too bad if we get a pastry (or two).   Crema’s coffee is also pretty good. They feature local roasters from around town. This weekend they featured Upper Left (my ULTIMATE favorite roaster in Portland), and Coava… another awesome roaster. My drink of choice is either an americana or cold brew. Andrew’s is a nice big cappuccino. We both look for different things in our coffee which is always fun to debate whether or not we like a place, their coffee, and why! Being a coffee snob, this is how I/we judge wether a coffee shop is worth a second visit. Crema is a staple coffee shop in our household. Definitely worth a visit! 🙂

Staying caffeinated…



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