Always, coffee…

I know I said I would write every Sunday about new coffee shops I explore and then, I missed TWO Sundays in a row. In my defense, I had family in town last weekend so was playing tour guide around the city. THEN yesterday, it was too hot to do anything. Literally anything! But no worries, I have LOTS to catch you up on. I visited many coffee shops since I last wrote, and am fully prepared to give you the rundown.

LAST Sunday (8/27) with family in tow, I went to Crema (again!), Rocking Frog Cafe on SE Belmont, and Good Coffee on SE 12th and SE Salmon. ALL awesome places, and each with their own unique thing that makes ME love them and continue my patronage. Rocking Frog has great coffee from local roasters and FRESH HOME MADE DOUGHNUTS that are indescribable. Some of the best I have ever had. If you are looking for some sugar to go with your black 16oz Americano like me, this is where you need to go. They have other food items, like sandwiches (breakfast ones and lunch), salads and pastries. Then theres Good Coffee which features local roasters, and recently started roasting their own beans. I LIVE off of the Gluten Free Banana-Chocolate muffin they serve along with the Marion berry scones (and I’ve recently found this gem at other coffee shops around town – the maker os this delicious treat is Bakeshop on Sandy Blvd.). All good options for various reasons. If you haven’t been, get off your ass and go!!

Rocking Frog:IMG_9269.JPG

Good Coffee (SE12th & SE Salmon location):IMG_9178.JPG

Now yesterday, (9/3) I spent time at several coffee shops. I stopped by NEVER coffee on SE Belmont, this place is newer to our neighborhood but feels like we were lost without it. They have awesome coffee and crazy roasts that you can try. They, too, like Good Coffee, sell Bakeshop goods and I love the cinnamon roll croissant they offer. Again if you need some sugar to go with your black coffee this is an awesome way to go. Not to mention this is across the street from my pups Vet, so I can kill two birds with one stone. Vet for the pup, coffee for me. Then, there was Either/Or . This little light of life is located in Sellwood, one of my MOST favorite neighborhoods. Andrew and I find ourselves gravitating there on most weekend for coffee and to walk the dogs around the neighborhood. Its a cute little family friendly area that we absolutely love. We found Either/Or through searching the TOP coffee shops in Portland. We came, we saw, we fell in love and have been regulars ever since. When you’re looking for AWESOME coffee, this is where you come. They offer beverage flights, espresso flights, THE BEST CORTADO I have ever consumed, and a mean Americano. Not to mention their drip coffee is some of the best around. They feature local roasters, and tell you how to drink it, what to pair it with and why its best! Its like an education on coffee, and learning what you like. They serve baked goods as well as Jordan’s Bread from a local maker. Its pretty delicious, served toasted (upon request) with butter.

Never Coffee:FullSizeRender 3.jpg


Either/Or:FullSizeRender 4.jpg

As you can see, coffee is what I enjoy on weekends. Since I completed one round (of many…eventually) of the Whole30 (if you want more info on how to completely change your life for the better, click the hyperlink!), I have swapped dive bars for coffee bars; shots of tequila and whiskey for many shots of espresso. I can say the hangovers are better, I get more done, and I feel good!

If you haven’t checked these places out, obviously I recommend them. While coffee shops can be overwhelming in this City, I hope to provide somewhat of a guide to where you can start; whether you are a coffee connoisseur or just a coffee lover like me, Portland has whatever you might need!



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