Food + Drink

I am a foodie. Through and through. That is actually how Absolutely Obsessed initially started, via instagram and tumblr.

I appreciate flavors, culinary art, and expanding my palate. I can be a little over the top when it comes to what I want. Guilty of cravings like a mad woman, but always for good reason… I love to eat.

Whether I am cooking at home, dining out, searching for the best burger or juiciest steak… or trying to slim down, and get healthy! I can eat at the smallest hole in the wall, to the fanciest restaurants. To me, its not about price but QUALITY of food.

Over the years I have developed food allergies and sensitivities over the years, so all foods will be TOMATO/Nightshade, RASPBERRY, COCONUT, and MOSTLY dairy + gluten free. But hey, we all need a slice of pizza every now and again…

Explore and expand your palate with me…