It’s official, I suck at this…

Learning to blog is something I have wanted to do for a very long time. It might seem simple enough, just write… but the overwhelming truth is that, it’s not that simple. The fact that someone could read this (most likely not) is scary… someone reading my words… what if they think I suck? Even worse, what if I do suck? What if they criticize what I write? How do I deal?

Well… that part is simple, I don’t. I have decided that I just done care. It took all of my 20’s to stop caring about people I don’t know, and surround myself only with good people.

So here it is, my first blog. What will this blog-site be about?

It’s simple, really, everything I am “absolutely obsessed” with. So, mostly food, recipes, wine/cocktails, travels, my dogs, and girly sh*t. [Wait, is it okay to swear in a blog? Well, since I am the creator of this, it is.]

So there it is, I have gotten over the hump. Here is my FIRST (ever) blog and, true to form, it sucks. But I promise it will get better. And to the one person who reads this, thank you. Hopefully I haven’t scared you away with my random thoughts.


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